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  • Oct 01 / 2013
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How To Cover Your Pool In Pearls

Getting a pearl accent for your pool is now easier than ever. You only have to contact a local swimming pool service and ask for a jewel pool finish installation. Of course, do not expect that the technician you book will arrive and cover your pool with diamonds. The secret ingredients of a jewel finish are not that expensive, so each of you can afford to take advantage of this service. In fact it is a machine blended pool finish of very high quality which contains white Portland cement, selected river aggregate, and additives to enhance its strength, curing, and bonding. This type of pool surface is not only long lasting but it also resists all types of stains and brings your pool a unique look.

You can Cover Your Pool in “Jewels” in Less Than 24 Hours

Family having fun in the swimming pool

One of the biggest advantages of the jewel finish is that it can be installed over any concrete or cement surface without any upfront buffing and can dry in less than 24 hours. It should be applied to a uniform thickness of 0.5″ and should be left to dry in a natural manner if you do not want to have any maintenance issues in the future.

As the product can cause skin or eye irritation because it is cement-based, we recommend you don’t try installing it yourselves but call a reputable swimming pool contractor to manage this specific task. As for your budget, do not worry, installation services are pretty affordable lately, especially now that the summer season is knocking at our doors. If, however, you want to do some calculations regarding the price of the material you are going to need, it is worth pointing out that a jewel finish for your pool will yield approximately 3-5 square yards per 80 pound bag of material. After you do the calculations, the only thing left for you to do in order to get a final estimation will be to check the price of the material per bag.

If you are currently looking for a swimming pool service in Tucson, AZ, who provides a service guarantee and applies reasonable rates, you better contact First Choice Pools. We can do any size pool finishing project quickly and on budget!

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