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How to Treat Your Swimming Pool as a Professional Pool Cleaner

Tips to Help You Perform an Immaculate Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Admit it, you are one of those proud swimming pool owners that feels that it is your duty to take the best possible care of your precious property and make the swimming pool corner in your yard a nice and clean place where the entire family can play and have fun. In order to do so, you may need some expert help from a swimming pool cleaning contractor once in a while. Generally speaking, you can handle the basic maintenance yourself. If you want to get rid of those algae making the water in your swimming oasis green, it is the right time to fight the problem by following these basic steps:

Check the pH of a private swimming pool

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Four Keys to Basic Pool Maintenance

How Proper Maintenance Can Help You Avoid a Rather Expensive Pool Service

Only the people who actually own a pool know how hard it is to keep it in good condition. Pool maintenance is a full-time job and should be performed with the utmost attention to detail. Failing to ensure proper care can lead to severe problems. As you know, pool repair can be quite expensive, so if you want to avoid a rather expensive pool service, then you should get familiar with the basics of proper pool maintenance.

Kids having fun in the swimming pool
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Acid Washing a Pool – Everything You Need to Know about the Process

Find out If Acid Washing Pool Service Will Benefit Your Pool

Concrete swimming pools are some of the best pools in terms of quality, durability, and price. As you probably know, all in-ground concrete swimming pools have a plaster topcoat that makes them waterproof. This coat is perhaps the most important component of your pool. Keeping this coat in top shape is of the utmost importance for your pool maintenance. The best and most efficient way to clean a plaster topcoat is to acid wash it. Obviously, you will have to hire a professional pool service provider for the task.

a pool with rocks and waterfall

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How To Cover Your Pool In Pearls

Getting a pearl accent for your pool is now easier than ever. You only have to contact a local swimming pool service and ask for a jewel pool finish installation. Of course, do not expect that the technician you book will arrive and cover your pool with diamonds. The secret ingredients of a jewel finish are not that expensive, so each of you can afford to take advantage of this service. In fact it is a machine blended pool finish of very high quality which contains white Portland cement, selected river aggregate, and additives to enhance its strength, curing, and bonding. This type of pool surface is not only long lasting but it also resists all types of stains and brings your pool a unique look.

You can Cover Your Pool in “Jewels” in Less Than 24 Hours

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