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  • Feb 18 / 2014
  • Comments Off on Acid Washing a Pool – Everything You Need to Know about the Process

Acid Washing a Pool – Everything You Need to Know about the Process

Find out If Acid Washing Pool Service Will Benefit Your Pool

Concrete swimming pools are some of the best pools in terms of quality, durability, and price. As you probably know, all in-ground concrete swimming pools have a plaster topcoat that makes them waterproof. This coat is perhaps the most important component of your pool. Keeping this coat in top shape is of the utmost importance for your pool maintenance. The best and most efficient way to clean a plaster topcoat is to acid wash it. Obviously, you will have to hire a professional pool service provider for the task.

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Maintenance Issues

Some of the most common problems with plaster topcoats involve staining and developing rough surfaces. The reason why rough surfaces develop on the topcoat in the first place is the use of chemicals. Chemicals act on pool’s plastering topcoats gradually, staining and roughening their surfaces. Furthermore, the use of chemicals may also lead to algae contamination. Luckily, acid washing services can restore your pool to its formal smoothness and luster.

Acid Washing
One of the main reasons why you should hire a pool service provider to acid wash your pool is when surfaces become too rough and cause discomfort to the swimmer. Manual scrubbing can only do so much when it comes to restoring your pool’s smoothness. Most of the time, the manual scrubbing process takes a lot longer than acid washing and the results are far from satisfactory. An acid washing process will remove all algae from your plaster topcoat and smooth out the surfaces.

The first step of the process is draining the pool. While the water is draining, the workers will manually scrub the plaster topcoat. Then, a 50/50 solution of acid and water is used to remove a thin layer of plaster coating by manually scrubbing the surfaces. Acid wash residue left in the pool is usually neutralized with soda ash by your pool service provider.

If you think your swimming pool needs an acid washing service, then contact First Choice Pools. We are located in Tucson, AZ, and you can find us at (520) 309-0977. Call us, and you won’t regret it.

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